Conference volume / Konferenciakötet

We should not, however, think that we are pioneersMuseums on Troubled Waters In the Past and Today. International online conference on museum history. 2021. Ed. Farkas, I. G., [Monographs from the Department of Archaeology of the University of Szeged 10.; Publications of the Jósa András Museum 81.] Nyíregyháza – Szeged 2022.

Following Alba Iulia and Nyíregyháza, the third conference on museum history was organized in Szeged – first postponed by the pandemic, then arranged online. Though 10–11 November 2021 still fell in the Covid-period, still it was a happy time that now we tend to call the pre-war era. Today we know that it was a peaceful and friendly period, when composing the mailing list of the invitees we did not have to consider the citizenship of the participants.

The present volume includes 21 contributions from the researchers of Romania, Russia, Crimea, and Hungary. They cover wide and varied topics of general museum history, exhibitions, museum history and archaeology, public education, and archaeological parks. Even though participants come from different institutions (big and small museums, universities, research centres) of different countries, during the days of the conference and now, turning the pages of the present volume we see a lot of similarities in the history, foundation circumstances, building problems of our museums, and the enumeration can be continued…

I close this short introduction by expressing the hope that the series of conferences on museum history (the most precious of which is a personal meeting with colleagues) will continue in the nearest – peaceful! – future.

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